Christopher Richards

Since 2005, I’ve concentrated on ghostwriting business books for business leaders. Client work is primarily focused on management, decision making, leadership, communication, strategy, and business culture.

My work is informed by broad experience both professional and personal.

Before turning to full-time business book writing, I worked in sales and marketing which led to a two-year stint as acting CEO. I then opened my communications business which focused on video, web design, and copywriting.

From early childhood I’ve been driven by a wide-ranging curiosity, a love of stories, and then by the English language itself.

I grew up in a village just outside of Oxford in England, and later went to art school in Winchester, where I studied fine art and philosophy, before moving to the United States.

Two non-professional experiences have helped bring a fresh perspective to my work as a business ghostwriter. I participated in a theatrical improvisation group which helped me become a better collaborator. For five years, I moderated a Socratic philosophy group where I learned to listen carefully, ask better questions, suspend judgment, and gain new insights.

I’m committed to life-long learning, and I always learn from each person I work with.

For fun, I play frequent club-level badminton, attend Toastmasters, read voraciously, swim, and love to be outdoors in nature. I also keep calm by practicing daily meditative qigong.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with Lynnette Rogers, who’s such a good editor that I married her.

If you’d like to know more about me, just ask.