Your business book

Christopher Richards, business book ghostwriter at Christopher Richards InkYou’re an expert with significant business experience. You already know why your business book will be a smart investment.

Like many entrepreneurs, business consultants, and CEOs you don’t have time to sit down and write your book.

Very few business leaders do.

Since 2005, I’ve been ghostwriting business books for leaders like you. As your business book ghostwriter, my purpose is to understand, shape, and express your ideas the way you want them expressed; and to make the experience of working with me enjoyable.


You can write as much or as little as you choose. If you just want to talk to me, I’m happy to do all of the writing.  If you’re considering writing a book, but haven’t yet decided on your topic, direction, or style, I offer communication consulting. This is where we work together to formulate and structure your ideas. And if you’re determined to write your own book, consider my writing support service through one-on-one coaching over Skype.

Having your book ghostwritten is a collaborative effort—although I expect to do the heavy lifting. Even though your time is limited, you should expect to carve out some time for the process of working with me.


I don’t list books I’ve ghostwritten because the business ghostwriter-client relationship is confidential. You can see examples of my writing in business book reviews and my blog. Please be aware that writing samples alone won’t tell you about the vital process of working together.  And that’s why we should talk.

You can learn more about business book ghostwriting in the FAQ section, and more about me here.

Congratulations on making a start. Reaching out for help is the smart thing to do. The right personality match for both author and ghostwriter is key to a successful partnership. The best way to find out is to set up a time to connect by phone, or preferably by Skype.